Get Your Car Ready for Spring

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Spring is here! Is your car ready? Here are some car cleaning tips using products from Waypoint.

After a winter of slushy, salty driving, spring is finally in the air. It’s time to roll down the windows and give your car a refreshing spring cleaning. Luckily, Waypoint carries a wide variety of Armor All® products that will help make it a breeze to get your car spick and span.

Cleaning Wipes

Give your dashboard, seats, console, and cupholders a much needed clean with these handy wipes from Armor All®. They’re made to be delicate on your car’s vinyl, fabric, and leather interiors, while being unforgiving on dirt, dust, and debris. Also, keep them in the glove box so they’re always handy to help clean up spills and fingerprints all season long.

Glass & GPS Wipes

Now, how about your car’s delicate electronics and windows? Armor All® Glass & GPS Wipes leave no streaks or scratches – just crystal-clear windows and screens. They’re also safe to use on tinted glass. Oh, and we even use them on our phones and the kids’ tablets in the backseat.

Ultra Shine Total Vehicle Detailer

Are you a multi-tasker who wants the same hard work from your cleaning products? Armor All® Ultra Shine Total Vehicle Detailer can keep up with you. This 3-in-1 formula can clean dust and lint from interiors, dirt and pollen from exteriors, and fingerprints and grime from windows! Talk about working overtime.

Smoke X Air Freshener Aerosol Spray

Is your car not as fresh as the weather outside? Or perhaps have a pet that’s left their mark in your car? No one else will ever know with Armor All® Smoke X™ Aerosol Spray. No other product has its unique Odor Elimination Technology™ or is as good at eliminating – and not just masking – lingering odors in your car.  And it’s available in Midnight Air and Citrus Breeze.

Air Fresheners

Your car’s spring cleaning isn’t complete without an air freshener dangling from your rearview mirror or clipped to the air vents! And what scent you pick can say a lot about who you are. Vanilla Lavender for those who love hanging out in the garden, Pink Grapefruit for the early risers, and Citrus Pomegranate for those who would rather be on vacation right now.

Protectant Tire Foam

You got the interior all cleaned up, but are you forgetting something? Your car’s tires can also use a spring refresh. Armor All® Tire Foam® Protectant can restore them to their original deep black, especially after a long winter – without any elbow grease. Yup, the foaming action does all the work, and it even conditions and protects your tires from cracks and fading.

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Waypoint Autowash

It all comes out in the (car)wash! At Waypoint locations across Canada, we offer our luxury Autowash, including lava foam wash, undercarriage spray, rinse, brilliant gloss hot wax, and dry. And Autowash passes can help you save more every time you wash your car. You can find locations with Autowash here.

Find a Waypoint location near you for everything you need to get your ride spring-ready!

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