Roadtrip Snacks

These 5 treats help keep Canadians happy on the road.

What makes road trips such unforgettably iconic experiences? Maybe it’s the open roads, the sense of adventure that lay ahead, the soundtrack playing on the stereo. Or maybe it’s the snacks. Here are some of Canada’s most iconic road trip snacks keeping travelers well-fed from coast to coast.

Stay refreshed with Grizzly Paw Soda from Alberta.

What makes Grizzly Paw Soda unlike any other soda? Crafted in small batches in the Bow Valley, it’s made with cane sugar and water straight from the mountains. Get your paws on six tasty flavours: Black Cherry Cola, Ginger Beer, Grapefruit, Orange Cream Soda, and Cream Soda, and (our fave) light, refreshing, slow-brewed Root Beer, created to reproduce what Root Beer would have tasted like in the days of prohibition! And sure, why not grab a few extra bottles to enjoy when you return home?

Chew on Cowboy’s Caviar Beef Jerky from Saskatchewan.

Family-owned and operated outside Moose Jaw, Cowboy’s Caviar has been making soft-chew jerky using 100% Canadian beef since 1998. Pick from five flavours for the road: Original, Teriyaki, Hot ‘N Sweet, Peppered, and their unique creation, Cowboy’s Candy.

Crunch on Hawkins Cheezies from Ontario.

For over 50 years, the bright orange and white striped bags have signalled a crunchy, cheesy treat.

W.T. Hawkins combined wholesome ingredients, real cheddar cheese, and Hawkins Cheezies’s unique shape for a uniquely satisfying snack – at home or on the road.

Get something sweet from Mondoux Confectionary from Quebec.

Mondoux is a historic family owned and operated Quebecois confectionary company. Visit their store in Laval, which is less than an hour outside of Montreal.

Chip away with Covered Bridge Potato Chips from New Brunswick.

An Albright family potato-farm tradition since the 1920s, Covered Bridge got their start when matriarch Lela would make homemade chips on a wood-fired pot belly stove – using her husband’s potatoes. A few generations later, their great-grandsons, Matt and Ryan, developed the family recipe and by 2009 they were stocking shelves with classic flavours like Smokin’ Sweet BBQ, Creamy Dill Pickle, and Sea Salt + Vinegar, and unique must-trys, like Atlantic Lobster and Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno.

Chill out with Nova Scotia’s Moon Mist Ice Cream.

Since the 1980s, colourful ice cream has been the most popular summertime treat for Nova Scotians (and most of Atlantic Canada), blending three unusual flavours, grape, banana, and bubblegum.

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