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Localicious puts your products on Waypoint shelves.

Imagine it.

You walk into a Waypoint® location…and there it is, right there on the shelf in front of you.

Your product.

You’re smiling. And your product sales are on the rise.

That’s the goal of Localicious, a program we created to partner with you for success. Let’s grow local businesses like yours together. Localicious puts your product on the shelf and promotes it via everything from signage to social media.

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Vendor Testimonials

“It’s always amazing to have partners like Waypoint that are genuinely excited about your product and its success. As a new brand, product placement is everything, and Waypoints Localicious program puts Twigz front row center. Thank you Waypoint team!”

Mark Brandt

Twigz Pretzels

“Without the community commitment of companies like Waypoint to buy and promote local, we wouldn’t enjoy the success we’ve achieved.”

Shawn Scott

Local Jerky Plus

“Horse and Buggy Brands has been working with Waypoint Convenience for over 3 years now. Our partnership has
greatly increased the interest in our Kettle Cooked and Roasted peanuts and they have been wonderful to work with. I appreciate Waypoint taking their time and energy to give smaller local companies
an opportunity to be a Localicious Vendor. Thank You.”

Scott B

Horse and Buggy Brands