Tree lined road leading towards snow topped mountains in the distance

Photo by Tegan Mierle

Head inland to some of British Columbia’s most magical locations – and find the Waypoint locations along the way.

British Columbia has it all – oceans, mountains, lakes, wineries, and quaint little towns chalk full of Canadian history. Journey away from the big cities to the interior to discover some stunning road trips. Here, we’ve charted your path for four of our favourites. But first things first: stock up on snacks at a Waypoint before getting on the road.

Road Trip #1: Charming Fernie and Cranbrook

Interior of a restored antique rail car. Red carpet and upholstered chairs below yellow hued lights that light up this old rail car

Photo Credit: The Cranbrook History Centre’s Canadian Museum of Rail Travel

WHERE YOU’LL HEAD: Fernie and Cranbrook, situated on the B.C./Alberta border, about 3 hours from Banff, Alberta.

WHO IT’S PERFECT FOR: Hikers, history buffs, golfers, and those with a keen eye for art and photography. Train enthusiasts will be thrilled to visit the home of The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel in Cranbrook and discover new artists at The Arts Station located at the old railway station in Fernie.

WHAT IT IS: History, arts, culture, and nature at its finest. This area has something for everyone and will not disappoint. Want to hit the water? It’s just a 10-minute drive from Cranbook to Jimsmith Lake where you can enjoy a day of paddling on the water. Prefer to keep your feet on dry land? We got you. Discover new treasures at the stalls of the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market.

TRAVEL TIP: With two wonderful cities to visit, consider staying for a few days to experience all this beautiful area has to offer!

STOP AT WAYPOINT FOR THE PERFECT SNACKS: With so much to see and do, stock up on some healthy, filling snacks to keep you going between meals, like beef jerky and nuts. Plus, we have Waypoint Convenience locations in Fernie and in Cranbrook which means, you can easily pick up different Localicious snacks from snack producers in Alberta or BC!

Road Trip #2: Friendly Prince George

Wooden buildings on green grass in a historic village

Huble Historic Homestead (Photo Credit: Huble Homestead)

WHERE YOU’LL HEAD: Northern British Columbia, about a 9-hour drive from Vancouver.

WHO IT’S PERFECT FOR: Those who love a combination of the great outdoors mixed with some charming small-town life.

WHAT IT IS: A road trip tour of some of the most fascinating scenery in British Columbia. Ever wanted to live our your A River Runs Through It fly fishing fantasy? Now’s your chance as Prince George is home to some of the very best. Mountain biking and golfing enthusiasts will will feel right at home on the trails and courses. Stop by the charming Huble Homestead Historic Site located along the Fraser River to experience life as a settler in the early 1900s. Hanging out in town? Check out the local food scene, with plenty of food trucks, breweries, and restaurants. Plus, getting there is half the adventure! There are lots of interesting places to check out as you make your way to Prince George including Quesnel (check out Road Trip #3 for more details).

TRAVEL TIP: Explore Cottonwood Island Nature Park and you may spot some faces carved into the black cottonwood trees.

STOP AT WAYPOINT FOR THE PERFECT SNACK: Stock up on some energy bars, water and treats to keep you going all day long.

Road Trip #3: Welcoming Quesnel

The historic Fraser River Bridge in Quesnel BC, Canada (Photo Credit: Wayne Stadler)

WHERE YOU’LL HEAD: Quesnel, a small town about 1 ½ hours south of Prince George.

WHO IT’S PERFECT FOR: Golddiggers and history buffs.

WHAT IT IS: Known for its outdoor way of life and being friendly to all. The Claymine Trails is a 1 km stretch that is accessible to everyone whether in a wheelchair, pushing a walker or a stroller, or kids on their bikes. Beautiful views make this a spectacular place to get some fresh air and a little fitness activity. Looking for family friendly activities that will make the whole family happy? Quesnel offers jet boating, outdoor paintball games, and even horseback riding. A visit to Barkerville Historic Town and Park, the largest living-history museum in western North America, is a must. You’ll have the chance to discover everything about the early 1800’s gold rush and explore over 125 heritage buildings.

TRAVEL TIP: Bring your bathing suits! Temperatures can get hot between mid-May and mid-September and there are lots of beautiful spots to cool off.

STOP AT WAYPOINT FOR THE PERFECT SNACK: Don’t forget to stock up on water for those hot summer days.

Road Trip #4: Honky tonk Williams Lake

woman on a brown horse racing a stadium in front of hundreds of spectators

A woman and her horse compete in a barrel racing event at the 90th Williams Lake Stampede

WHAT IT IS: Home to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and known for its cowboy culture, spectacular Williams Lake is home to Canada’s own man in motion, Rick Hansen.

WHO IT’S PERFECT FOR: All cowboys and cowgirls wanting to saddle up to have a good time.

WHERE YOU’LL GO: The Williams Lake Stampede rolls out the welcome mat to all visitors every Canada Day long weekend. Catch all the action from international competitors from Canada and the United States as they provide breath taking rodeo performances. Experience this community family event that is the world-famous Williams Lake Stampede! And visit the Cowboy Hall of Fame or search for art and gifts at Station House Gallery.

TRAVEL TIP: Don’t forgot your cowboy hat and the sunscreen.

STOP AT WAYPOINT FOR THE PERFECT SNACK: Cowboy up and pick up some Beef Jerky to enjoy on your way to the rodeo.

One last question: Where will you go? 

This is a great chance to get to know beautiful British Columbia a little better and when you stop at a local Waypoint Convenience you can pick up locally made snacks by small snack producers from BC! It’s a fun and easy way to add something special to your next adventure!

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