This way to summer fun – every day!

Woman on the street looking into the distance and holding a coffee

Photo Credits: Andy Holmes

While summer is a great time for traveling, we know there’s also lots of time spent right in your own backyard.

You’ve got to make the most of the season so we’ve got some ideas for all kinds of summer fun right at home – and every day of the week!


Kick off your week with a little culture – and keep cool in the air conditioning too! Lots of museums across the country are open on Mondays at this time of the year so you can take advantage of their summer schedule and avoid the crowds!


Spend the day out and about! Plot a walking or cycling route that hits all your fave local spots – think cafe chillin’, local shopping, park pitstops, patio time and al fresco dining. And don’t forget to stop at your local Waypoint for some drinks and snacks along the way!


Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, it’s time to make midweek water fights a thing – what could be better? Time to gather some friends in your backyard or a local park for the water fight of the century!


Take it back to the park to toss around the football, play a chill game of catch, or maybe a little frisbee practice. We’ll also count a little kick around fun if soccer is more your thing 😉


Pick up a couple bottles of your fave Coke or Pepsi drinks at your local Waypoint, add some vanilla ice cream and voilà – the perfect summer drinks! Bonus points if you sip yours while floating in a pool.


Time to bust out that sprinkler and run wild or set up the kiddie pool and chill with an ice-cold drink in hand. Soak up the sun and cool down at the same time! Just don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen, k?


Ice cream on Sundays is pretty much a must in the summer, but we highly recommend stepping up your game and setting up a Sundae Bar! Hit up your local Waypoint to pick up a few of your fave Nestle chocolate bars, chop them up and let everyone add all the best toppings to their scoops! Can you say #SundayHero?!?

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