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From the sites to the sounds to the snacks, here’s everything you need to know before you hit the road.

Canada boasts some of the world’s most iconic landscapes and one of the world’s longest routes, the Trans-Canada Highway. All which make it the ideal setting for some unforgettable road trips! Before you hit the road, check out our top seven tips for road-tripping the right way – straight from the team who knows a little something about road trips and the people who stop by the convenience store before they head out on the highway!

1. Make a planand don’t stick to it. 

Yup, that’s right. Start by thinking about where you want to end up and where you want to stop along the way. Make a plan for some of your must-see sites but also be sure to leave yourself open to things you stumble upon along the way: sites geographical wonders, odd attractions, and roadside diners. If you’re planning a multi-night trip, book a few of your stays ahead of time, and also leave a few to chance. Who knows what kitschy motel or charming b&b you’ll find. And don’t forget, people at the local gas station or convenience store know a thing or two about what’s good in the area. Don’t shy away from asking.

2.  Pack for every possibility.

As Canadians, we all know how unpredictable the climate can be, from snow to sunshine in the same afternoon. Be prepared by packing for every and any possibility: umbrellas, warm clothes, and even a blanket. Additional items to consider: a first aid kit, over-the-counter treatments for everything from headaches to upset tummies, and if you’re bringing an animal friend, plenty of toys and treats. And don’t worry, if you forgot something, pop by one of 150+ Waypoint convenience stores along the way to stock up on some essentials. Need help finding us while on the road? Ask your virtual assistant for a list of your nearest Waypoint Convenience locations en route and let your GPS do the rest! 

3. Take the car in for maintenance.

Before hitting the road, make sure your automobile is in tip-top shape. Get an oil change, tune-up, tire rotation – the works! You don’t want to have avoidable car troubles spoil your road trip.  Low on washer fluid, antifreeze, oil, or exhaust while you’re on the road? Waypoint is the perfect place to stock up.  

4. Stop for snacks along the way.

Road-side snacks are a quintessential part of the road trip experience. Plan to pick them up with your pre-trip fuel stop  and save you about an hour on your total driving time. Waypoint stores make it easy to grab all the treats you need to fuel your trip. Get some healthy treats to keep the kids happy (and quiet) and stock up on energy drinks to keep you alert on the road. Plus, if you’re a foodie, Localicious at Waypoint lets you try locally made snacks and refreshments. And they’re different from province to province, so be sure to check out Waypoint locations whenever you cross a provincial line.
Find the locations on your route here: 

5. Make your playlist.  

The right music can help keep the energy up when you need or allow you to reflect the splendor and tranquility of your surrounding. Try to include songs that might reflect the iconic Canadian destinations you’re traveling through, from Toronto hip hop to Q-pop in Montreal to the First Nations musicians of B.C.., or even audiobooks by Canadian literary icons along the way. There are also lots of GPS-connected apps for self-guided road trip tours with fascinating location-triggered myths, mysteries, lore, and history.  

6. Keep the kids entertained. 

“Are we there yet?” If you’re road-tripping with the kids, this too-frequently-asked question can quickly put you on the highway to hell…oh! fun activities to distract the young ones! Load mobile devices up with games, videos and cool augmented-reality apps. Two fun examples: Quiver that will animate your kids’ drawings and Sky Walk reveals the stars that surround Earth at any given moment and location. Fun for amateur astronomers young and old alike! You can also plan some sing-a-longs, and break out old-school analog activities like Eye Spy.  

7. Be safe and have fun!

A fun road trip is also a safe road trip. Follow the speed limits and the rules of the road, buckle up, no distracted driving and definitely don’t drive under the influence. Be adventurous and explore, but if something doesn’t feel right, don’t proceed. If you need additional support, stop at the earliest and safest instance! 

Now get out there and explore our beautiful country!

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