This way to connecting with our communities and giving back!

With Giving Tuesday coming up soon, it’s the perfect time for all of us to reflect on our contributions to the communities we’re part of and ways that we can give back.

Earlier this year we partnered with MusiCounts, an amazing organization supporting music education across Canada. MusiCounts believes music can transform the lives of young people. They help to make music education inclusive and accessible for youth by providing instruments, equipment, and resources.

Waypoint is a proud partner of their Band Aid Program which provides under-resourced schools with grants of up to $20,000 worth of musical instruments, equipment, and resources. With the help of our customers, we’ve been able to contribute over $11,000 so far in 2023!

If you believe in the power of music and the positive effects it can have on local communities, please consider making a donation here.

Whether you donate to MusiCounts or are considering another charity close to your heart, below is a little more information on Giving Tuesday.

#GivingTuesday Fun Facts

  • The world’s largest generosity movement – active in over 90 countries!
  • Created in 2012 and founded in Canada in 2013 by several charity partners
  • Last year, Canadians donated over $50 million on Giving Tuesday

Learn more about the movement here.

Giving Tuesday takes place on November 28th this year!

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