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Photo by Matthieu Pétiard

Start your engines as we head off on four of the best, most unforgettable road trips across Ontario.

We’ve been in the house long enough. It’s time we hit the road and Ontario boasts some of the most mesmerizing routes in the country. Whether you’re looking for lush forests, sunny beaches, or historic monuments, you’ll find what you’re looking for along the way.

This way to chill Bruce Peninsula.

WHERE IT IS: On Ontario’s western coast, 3 hours from Toronto.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Laidback vibes and mix of both beaches and forested areas make it ideal for beach bunnies and hiking enthusiasts alike.

WHAT YOU CAN’T MISS: The iconic sunsets over Lake Huron are renowned as amongst the most beautiful in the world.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: The Saugeen and Neyaashiinigmiing Pow Wows offer amazing changes to experience First Nations music, dancing, food, and crafts. Look online for dates each year.

TRAVEL TIP: Long weekends here can be quite traffic-heavy. Plan accordingly.

STOP AT WAYPOINT: In Guelph, Angus, Collingwood, or find another GTA locations to pick up snacks on your way out of the city!

Bruce Peninsula

This way to iconic Niagara Falls.

WHERE IT IS: Eastern Ontario, along the Canada/U.S. border, 2 hours from Toronto.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Travellers come from around the globe to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world – and it’s just a road-trip away for many Canadians.

WHAT YOU CAN’T MISS: A boat ride under the Falls. Prepare to get wet.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Bird Kingdom is a can’t-miss bird sanctuary with a stunning open aviary.

TRAVEL TIP: If you’re going to stay overnight, be sure to get a falls-view room!

STOP AT WAYPOINT: Off of the QEW in Grimsby or check out our larger Waypoint Convenience location in Welland, Ontario.

This way to historic Kingston.

WHERE IT IS: On Lake Ontario, at the mouth of the Cataraqui and St. Lawrence rivers, 3 hours from Toronto.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: For both the natural splendor and fascinating Canadian history.

WHAT YOU CAN’T MISS: War of 1812-relic, Fort Henry is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Rideau Canal.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Art piece “Pollution,” created by the sculptor Yvon Cozic, for the city of Kingston’s 300th anniversary in 1973.

TRAVEL TIP: Stay overnight at the 19th-century Prince George Hotel with its stunning limestone facade.

STOP AT WAYPOINT: in nearby Odessa.

This way to relaxing Muskoka.

WHERE IT IS: Central Ontario, 2.5 hours north of Toronto.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: The region has earned the nickname, “cottage country” for good reason.

WHAT YOU CAN’T MISS: Whether it’s fall colours, a winter wonderland, spring blossoming, or summer vacation, there is literally no bad time of the year to visit!

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is a simultaneously majestic and haunting art installation in the woods.

TRAVEL TIP: With summer in Canada comes the bugs — and that can mean a messy windshield. Stock up on windshield washer fluid at your nearest Waypoint.

STOP AT WAYPOINT: in Bracebridge, Midland, Huntsville and/or Haliburton.

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